We must catch a train full of salary men everyday.

to eat, to love, and to live

Directer, Author, Choreographer : Chiharu

About Company

Cheeky*Park has been founded by Chiharu who is the director of the group since 2008.
The Cheeky*Park members are very talented and unique.

The group is composed of circus people, street performers, actors and musicians.
They want to tell you about the daily world. Through the various combinations of
the troupe members, the group wants to share their interesting representation of the world with the audience.

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Visually spectacular comedy show featuring typical Japanese white-collar men who devote most of their time for their company whilst struggling to handle their own life.

Can they escape from their tied-up life and snatch a piece of happiness?

Fantastic combination of Japanese circus and physical theatre company with mime, juggling, acrobats, aerials, trapeze and more to come.


Young Director’s Contest Finals GEKI SyogekijoiJapanj
*AwardFBest PrizePeople Choice award “Young Director’s Contest”

4th Yakumo International Theatre Festival Shinomi TheateriJapanj
*AwardFBest award, The Best Choreographer & The Best Actress award


*Hiromi Urasaki in Teatro magazine.
“Her work is very avant-gardist. It reminds us of Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” which was so daring in 1936”.

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About Directer
Chiharu, the director of Cheeky*Park, has produced a broad range of projects. She did the choreography for performances of street artists and athletes, and also directed several event projects, workshops, and children's theater.
She herself is a well-known performer all over the world. Her circus-based style consists of pantomime, clowning, acrobats, and more to come.
Her shows give vivid impressions of the distinctive stories and characters produced by her highly-acclaimed personality.
Moreover, she has won numerous awards at the several festivals in both Japan and other countries.
A registered performer of Cirque du Soleil since 2009.

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